Alpha Bullion is unable to fulfill orders from unverified accounts. To redeem PAX Gold tokens for physical gold products, please follow our verification process here.

At Alpha Bullion, trust is key

At Alpha Bullion, your trust is our greatest asset. Our collaboration comes from a strong pedigree built by two leading names in the cryptocurrency and precious metals industries, Paxos and Bullion Exchanges. Paxos, the trust company behind the PAX Gold cryptocurrency that powers Alpha Bullion, is a recognized Stablecoin provider that has been operating since it first launched the itBitexchange in Singapore in 2012. The New York State Department of Financial Services also granted Paxos a charter in 2015, making it one of the few crypto exchanges to operate under official US government regulation. Meanwhile, Bullion Exchanges has been a recognized name in New York City’s Diamond District for 7 years. Having first opened in 2012, Bullion Exchanges is not just the precious metals provider for Alpha Bullion, but also an official distributor of bullion for the United States mint, Royal Mint, Perth Mint, and many other worldwide precious metals producers. It holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 5 star seller rating on Ebay. 

All PAX Gold tokens are completely backed by one ounce each of physical gold stored in some of London’s safest vaults. You are the legal owner of all gold backing your PAX gold account. This makes your tokens equivalent to physical gold, with your PAXG account simply acting as a convenient way to store and trade your precious metals assets. As a Trust company, Paxos simply holds your gold until you redeem them, but never takes ownership of it. Both Paxos and Alpha Bullion also allow you to redeem your gold at any time.

When you redeem PAX Gold tokens on Alpha Bullion, our partners at Bullion Exchanges will carefully package your order and ship it in discreet packaging. You will also receive a tracking number to stay updated with your gold as it makes its way to you.

We maintain transparent pricing, with up-to-the-minute charts to update you on the current price of gold/PAX Gold, and how it compares to other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. Our partners at Bullion Exchanges also maintain a robust learning center to help answer any precious metals questions you might have.

We do not sell your information to anyone, and only use documents sent to us during account verification to maintain compliance with KYC & AML Regulations.

For more information, please reach out to our customer service agents at Or, check our FAQ Center, Privacy Policy, and/or Shipping Policy to see answers to common questions.