Alpha Bullion is unable to fulfill orders from unverified accounts. To redeem PAX Gold tokens for physical gold products, please follow our verification process here.

Effective Date - August 15, 2019

By using as well as the services/products provided by Alpha Bullion, LLC (“Alpha Bullion”), you agree to the following terms and conditions as mentioned in this User Agreement. The terms and conditions listed apply to all inquiries and transactions with Alpha Bullion whether the contact was made via our website, telephone or any other methods of contact.

15 sections are included in this User Agreement. Please note that all terms and conditions listed in this User Agreement are applicable for all users on Alpha Bullion and that this agreement contains legal obligations. Therefore, we advise that you read our User Agreement before continuing. Note that by using our site, you agree to accept all of our listed terms and conditions.

This User Agreement, provided by Alpha Bullion, governs all transactions related to the redemption of physical gold from PAX Gold.

1. Alpha Bullion Accounts

  1. Users opening an account with Alpha Bullion.
    • Users have the ability to open an account with Alpha Bullion if they choose to. This account enables the ability to redeem, sell and manage your PAX Gold to physical gold.
    • Opening an account with Alpha Bullion means that you can redeem PAX Gold for physical gold. You can choose to redeem physical gold bullion of your choice by trading your PAX Gold tokens.
    • You are able to open your account by following the instructions provided by Alpha Bullion or email for assistance.
    • You maintain responsibility for the security of your information (your password, any government IDs, security codes, etc.) in order to access your account with Alpha Bullion.
    • You are responsible for providing Alpha Bullion with the correct and updated contact information including your email address and mailing address.
    • Upon the creation of your account, we will require certain information as well as verification processes to be completed. In the case that inaccurate information is provided or you decline to comply with our verification procedures, Alpha Bullion reserves the right to, at any given time, either terminate your account or decline your account from being created.
    • Alpha Bullion accounts must first be created and approved through the required verification process before being able to make any purchase.
  2. Purchases made from Alpha Bullion accounts.
    • At this time, there is no minimum purchase amount per transaction.
    • Our maximum purchase amount per transaction is $100,000.00 (USD)
    • Currently, we are only accepting PAX Gold tokens for you to redeem physical gold bullion products.
    • Prices are locked in at the time that your order is submitted with us. Once we receive your instant payment, you will receive an email confirmation with the order number.
    • *All purchases are final. No cancellations can be requested or made by any customer, regardless of the reason.*
    • Alpha Bullion reserves the ability to cancel any purchase, even after confirmation, for any reason.
      In the case Alpha Bullion cancels your purchase, you will be refunded the full value of the order. However, Alpha Bullion is not required to refund you any processing or additional fees that you may have incurred.
  3. Alpha Bullion’s customer access.
    • Alpha Bullion provides customers with access to view their account, personal information, and orders, including status updates.
  4. Additional information regarding Alpha Bullion accounts.
    • At any given time, at our sole discretion, Alpha Bullion can indefinitely suspend your account.
    • Alpha Bullion requires customers provide identity verification, and reserves the right to request government-issued identification documents at any time.
    • All Alpha Bullion customers and orders will undergo compliance screening for the prevention of illegal and/or fraudulent activity.
    • Alpha Bullion only allows one account per individual or business. We do not allow multiple people to use one account.

2. Redeeming PAX Gold For Physical Gold From Alpha Bullion

  1. You will need to use your Paxos Customer Wallet to transfer your tokens to redeem physical gold
    • See PAX Gold for further instructions.
  2. Order minimums and maximums.
    • Currently, Alpha Bullion does not have an order minimum for converting your PAX Gold tokens to physical gold.
    • At this time, Alpha Bullion does have a maximum purchase of $100,000.00 (USD) per transaction.
  3. Confirmation of prices for orders.
    • All Alpha Bullion orders are locked in upon submission. You are subject to incur any fees in relation to taxes, processing, shipping, handling, and additional insurance fees. *You may not cancel an order after it has been submitted.*
    • After successful submission of your order, you will be sent an email confirmation of the transaction with the order number.
    • If your payment fails, or you have trouble making a payment, we will not be able to reinstate your order. You may place another order at this time, but please note that the price is subject to change with the spot price of gold, which fluctuates constantly.
  4. Order cancellations with Alpha Bullion.
    Please note, once you have submitted your order and it has been confirmed, the price for your order has been locked in and you are now in a legally binding contract with Alpha Bullion and your transaction.
    • The confirmation of your order transfers all risks of market loss to you.
    • Since the confirmation of your order locks in your price, you no longer reserve the right to back out of the trade to cancel your order.
    • Please keep in mind that even though you do not have the right to cancel your order, Alpha Bullion still reserves the right to cancel your order for any reason, at any time.
      If your order is canceled by Alpha Bullion, you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.
    • In the case that Alpha Bullion decides to cancel your order, you may be subject to a cancellation fee and a market loss policy.
      1. If your order is canceled by Alpha Bullion and you are required to pay the cancellation fee in addition to any fees regarding market loss, you are in agreement to remit payment to us immediately.
      2. If you decline to remit payment to us, it will result in your account being suspended indefinitely or until you are able to resolve this matter with us.
  5. Changes to a submitted and confirmed order.
    Since all orders are locked in at the time of submission and confirmation, we do not accept any alterations to orders. There are no exceptions.
    • We recommend you take the time to carefully and accurately place an order for the product(s) you want, using all of the above steps, and to review your order for mistakes *before* submitting it to us.
    • If you have a question about your order before checking out, or if there seems to be an inaccuracy, please contact us at for further assistance.
  6. Payment options and requirements for orders.
    • At this time, we only accept PAX Gold tokens from Paxos Customer Wallets as payment. We do not accept any other payment methods.
    • We must receive payment from you immediately upon submitting an order. If we do not receive payment from you right away, your order is subject to cancellation and your account may be suspended or terminated.
    • If you have any questions in regards to how to purchase PAX Gold and how the tokens are transferred to your Paxos Customer Wallet prior to placing an order with Alpha Bullion, please contact PAX Gold directly.
  7. Redeeming physical gold.
    • If you would like to redeem your PAX Gold tokens for physical gold, please log into your Alpha Bullion account to place an order.
    • When you are placing your order, Alpha Bullion will provide you with a price quote that fluctuates constantly with the spot price of gold before you submit and receive a confirmation for your order.
    • For additional information regarding the shipping of orders, please see below, or look at our shipping policy.

3. Shipment of Physical Gold After Redemption

  1. After your order has been submitted and confirmed by Alpha Bullion, your order is shipped by one of the largest and more reputable online precious metals retailers, Bullion Exchange, LLC (DBA “Bullion Exchanges”) at their discretion.
    1. The shipping service we use for your order may include USPS (First-Class, Priority and Registered Mail), FedEx, UPS or any other provider deemed the best shipping service per the instruction of their third-party insurance company.
    2. Bullion Exchanges aims for your package to arrive safely and intact. Therefore, they will use discrete labels and packaging that will not disclose the contents of your package.
    3. Each package/shipment will be insured by Bullion Exchanges’ third party insurance company. However, once the tracking information shows the shipment was delivered, both Alpha Bullion and Bullion Exchanges are no longer liable or responsible. Once the package’s tracking number displays that it was delivered, *we will not provide you a refund or reshipment if there was damage to your shipment.*
      • Our insurance ceases upon delivery of your shipment. If there is an issue with your package being lost or damaged and you have signed for it, the responsibility is then on the customer to resolve the matter with the shipping service.
      • In the case that your package seems damaged or tampered with upon arrival, we advise you refuse the shipment and have it returned to sender.
      • If you do not follow these instructions, we are not liable to investigate what happened to the shipment during transit and we are not responsible for providing you with a resolution.
      • If your shipment is lost while in transit, please contact us at for the best resolution.
      • If your shipment seems to be experiencing delays or you are not witnessing consistent movement, please contact us immediately via email. If you do not contact us within 14 days of the last movement of the package, we will not be able to assist you and you will acquire the responsibility of resolving the matter on your own.
      • If for any reason at all you make a special request with the shipping service or carrier (forward the package to a different address from the one listed on your order, have the package left for you in a special location, have the signature confirmation waived, have the package left with a neighbor/building manager, etc.), we disclaim all responsibility for the package. This means Bullion Exchanges and their insurance company is no longer liable for the shipment.
      • You agree that Bullion Exchanges reserves the right to file a shipping claim. In the case that they do, you agree to cooperate with the requests asked of you during the investigation.
        1. Failure to comply with any requests to assist with the investigation will result in Bullion Exchanges withdrawing coverage for the claim.
    4. If your package is returned to sender for any reason, you will be subject to pay the reshipment fee for your order prior to your reshipment.
    5. Once your order has been fulfilled and shipped by Bullion Exchanges, you will receive an email confirmation with a unique tracking number as well as the shipment details.
  2. Estimated processing, shipping, and handling time frame.
    1. Once your order has been placed, we may take up to 5 business days to process your order prior to shipping out. Please note that our estimated 5 business day processing time frame is just an estimate and not a guarantee.
      • You will not be able to request a cancellation even if your order has not been processed after our estimated 5 business day time frame, as we do not have a guaranteed processing time frame.
    2. Estimated delivery time frames may vary depending on your location and the shipping service/method used.
      • For domestic shipments within the United States of America, please reference your order’s shipping service for estimated time frames once you receive your package’s tracking number, as it will include specifications about the shipping method used as well as any other shipment details.
      • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide an estimated shipping time frame for any international orders at this time.

4. International Orders of Physical Gold

  1. Taxes and duties on international orders.
    1. All orders shipped internationally require the customer to pay for the taxes and duties. We advise that you consult with a trusted customs broker for additional information.
    2. Any shipping charges, taxes, and duties that are provided by Alpha Bullion are only an estimate. If additional fees arise, you will still be responsible for paying Alpha Bullion.
      • In the case that your package is returned to sender, you will be subject to pay for any additional taxes, duties, return shipping costs, and any other fees prior to the reshipment of your package.
      • Your package will only be reshipped once it has been returned back to us and all the fees have been paid to us in full.
  2. Countries outside of the United States we ship to:
    1. Canada
    2. We are working on expanding the list of countries we ship to in the future.

5. Return Policy of Physical Gold

  • Alpha Bullion’s number one goal is customer satisfaction. However, we do not offer a return policy.
    We will not accept any return requests made and we will not make any exceptions. *Do not send packages back to us without contacting us in expectation of a refund.*

6. Potential Risks

  1. Alpha Bullion does not provide any investment, legal, or financial advice and we do not guarantee profits. All investments (including purchasing and/or selling precious metals) involve risks. The information we provide on our website is just for reference. Please do not utilize any of our information to assist your decision to invest in precious metals.
    • All precious metals products, including the physical gold bullion you order from Alpha Bullion, will fluctuate up or down in price constantly. This is due to various external economic factors and conditions.
    • Investing in precious metals is risky, and as a customer of Alpha Bullion, you assume all risks when buying from us.
    • Please note, investment in precious metals may be fitting for everyone because of all the risks involved. If you decide to invest in precious metals, you should understand the potential risks as well as the possible benefits prior to buying.
    • Alpha Bullion highly recommends that you consult with either an investment, legal, or financial advisor to learn more about investing in precious metals.
  2. Alpha Bullion guarantees that every item sold by us is 100% authentic and genuine. All products are guaranteed to have the purity, fineness, weight, and any additional details specified on the advertised listing.
    • All products sold by Alpha Bullion were purchased directly from the mint of production or from authorized wholesalers. All products Alpha Bullion carries are tested as they come into our processing facility to ensure their authenticity.
    • Every order fulfilled by Alpha Bullion is packaged under high-resolution surveillance cameras. This is to guarantee that all orders are properly sent out, and packaged correctly.
      Alpha Bullion is not required to provide you with video surveillance footage as it may display sensitive information that is not to be shared.

7. Policy for Market Loss

Purchasing from Alpha Bullion.

  1. Once you receive a confirmation number, you have been locked in and are in a legally binding contract. At this point, any market risks are transferred to you and only you.
  2. If for any reason Alpha Bullion acquires market losses due to the customer, the customer will be liable for remitting payment for those losses.
  3. Alpha Bullion is not responsible for any market losses that you acquire.
  4. If Alpha Bullion acquires any market gains from a transaction, they shall remain sole property of Alpha Bullion.
  5. Alpha Bullion reserves the right for any cancellations processed by Alpha Bullion, and we are not responsible for any market losses that you might incur from such a cancellation.

8. Binding Contracts with Alpha Bullion

Once any type of order has been placed with Alpha Bullion, you are in a legally binding contract with Alpha Bullion.

  • This means you have agreed to all terms and conditions listed under our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

9. General Provisions

The relationship between you and Alpha Bullion.

  1. The only relationship between Alpha Bullion and you (either as an individual or business), is only as buyer-seller. There is no other relationship between you and Alpha Bullion.
  2. Assignment of your rights with Alpha Bullion.
    • By utilizing our site as well as our products and services, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed in this User Agreement. You do not have permission to assign or waive your rights without the consent (must be in written form) of Alpha Bullion. Alpha Bullion reserves the right to deny or grant a waiver of requested rights. You are obligated to and in agreement with our terms and conditions.
  3. Confidentiality agreement with Alpha Bullion.
    • Please be careful when disclosing any information you may decide to share in regards to your transactions with Alpha Bullion. We advise against sharing any information to third parties for your own protection.
  4. Dispute agreement with Alpha Bullion.
    • Alpha Bullion will always attempt to reasonably and amicably resolve any disputes or disagreements that may arise. We always strongly recommend that you contact us via in order to find the best resolution.
  5. Arbitration - Waiver of Jury.
    • You and Alpha Bullion both waive rights for a trial by jury; for any disputes or disagreements relating to the User Agreements as well as any transactions.
  6. Force Majeure.
    • If Alpha Bullion does not perform the obligations hereunder due to events beyond our control, Alpha Bullion’s delays or failures to perform these obligation(s) shall be excused. Alpha Bullion will not be held liable for any damages connected to delays and/or failures.
  7. Typographical or Pricing Errors.
    • Alpha Bullion strives to provide completely accurate product information and prevent pricing errors for our customers. Please note, as diligent as we try to be with the information we publish on our site, human and systematic errors beyond our control do occur at times.
      If an item is incorrectly listed (information or price), Alpha Bullion reserves the right at our discretion to cancel any order(s) that you have placed. If we cancel an order due to a typographical or pricing error, we will contact you in regards to the cancellation.
      Even if an item has been shipped and delivered to you, we reserve the right to contact you to resolve the matter.
      In the case that you choose not to comply, we will be forced to suspend or terminate your account.
  8. Security provided by Alpha Bullion.
    • Security is of utmost importance to Alpha Bullion. The security measures we have in place will protect the personal information you disclose to us to the best of our ability.
      Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
  9. Amendments to Alpha Bullion’s User Agreement.
    • At our discretion, Alpha Bullion may amend this user agreement and make any changes deemed necessary to better serve our customers. Any changes made are effective immediately and can be made without notice.
  10. User conduct with Alpha Bullion.
    By using Alpha Bullion’s site, products, and services, you agree not to use Alpha Bullion to:
    • Transmit (by email, uploading, posting, etc.) any of the following intent of being: Unlawful, threatening, harmful, abusive, harassing, defaming, vulgar, hateful, racist, invasive of the privacy of others, etc.
    • Misrepresent or impersonate any individual or entity.
    • Forge or manipulate any of the content we have posted.
    • Upload or post any content or images that solely belong to Alpha Bullion.

10. Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Alpha Bullion owns and operates this website. You are provided access and use of Alpha Bullion’s website only on the condition that you accept our terms and conditions stated in this User Agreement.
    • Please do not access and use our website if you do not agree to the User Agreement listed by Alpha Bullion.
  2. We highly recommend all of our users to regularly review our User Agreement since we reserve the right to make updates and/or changes at any time effective immediately, without notice.
  3. You must be 18 years of age to use our site and to create an account.
  4. ADA Compliance: Alpha Bullion is constantly looking to improve our site to cater to the needs of our customers who may have a disability. In compliance with WCAG guidelines, we are always working to provide text-based alternatives to multimedia content, easy navigation, and clear instructions, so that all of our content is available for all of our users.