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Silver's Subtle Surge: Is it a Sign of an Approaching Rally?

Silver's Subtle Surge: Is it a Sign of an Approaching Rally?

Silver prices have recently experienced a 4% surge, yet TD Securities suggests a true rally may be three months away. Traditionally outperforming gold, silver's upswing is noteworthy in light of the U.S. government's recent announcement of weaker-than-expected inflation pressures. 

However, experts such as Bart Melek, Head of Commodity Strategy at TD Securities, have cautioned that significant changes in investor demand and renewed industrial interest are necessary for silver to maintain an upward trajectory.


Various market factors are inhibiting the immediate growth of silver. High-interest rates, a decline in speculative appetite, reduced physical demand due to the weakened Chinese economy, and the potential of a U.S. recession all contribute to this lack of momentum. As a result, silver is expected to oscillate around $23 per ounce for the next quarter.

Despite this caution, there is optimism for the future of silver. Melek predicts that as recession conditions worsen, the Federal Reserve will begin to cut rates by the end of the year, leading to a potential rise in silver prices to $26 per ounce.

While recent cool inflation data provides robust support for silver, interest rate expectations remain unchanged. Markets are preparing for a 25-basis point hike in the next two weeks, with the current rally driven by optimism that this could be the last rate hike for a while.


Despite silver's recent lackluster performance, the metal continues to attract interest from investors. Many believe that as the world moves towards green energy, industrial demand for silver will increase, pushing prices higher. However, Melek warns that the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate policies have curbed investor demand, causing skepticism about the possibility of deep market deficits this year.

Moreover, the silver market also needs to grapple with growing economic weakness in China and the U.S. This weak macroeconomic environment has dampened demand and is likely to keep prices lower than many silver enthusiasts hope.


However, despite these short-term challenges, Melek sees a bullish future for silver. He forecasts a future shortage of mine supply to meet the rising demand, especially with the growing electrification of the global economy. In particular, the burgeoning demand from the electric vehicle industry, smart devices, electrical grids, solar power generation, and conventional industrial products is expected to exceed the supply provided by miners and recyclers.

If these deficits persist, above-ground stock levels could shrink significantly, providing an inadequate buffer against further deficits and driving silver prices significantly higher. This could cause the market to operate above the conventional supply curve, suggesting a very promising future for silver prices.

What could be the potential impact on silver prices if the predicted deficits in silver supply persist, and how might this affect the broader commodities market?


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