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Bitcoin ETF Off to a Great Start, Up 3% First Day of Trading

Bitcoin ETF Off to a Great Start, Up 3% First Day of Trading

New Bitcoin Investment Vehicle Debuted on Wall Street, With More on the Way

A new Bitcoin-focused exchange-traded fund, ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, debuted on Wall Street. ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF will trade in Bitcoin futures contracts that speculate on the future price of Bitcoin as opposed to the cryptocurrency itself. 

In anticipation of the launch of the ETF, Bitcoin recently jumped 3%. Also, Bitcoin futures increased by 2%. Asset managers estimate that with the introduction of crypto NFTs, particularly with Bitcoin, valuation will continue to increase. Some analysts believe Bitcoin is well on its way to hitting the $100,000 mark. With reputable investors like Paul Tudor Jones and Mark Cuban betting big on Bitcoin, many people are flocking to what crypto pioneers call digital gold.

A Look into Bloktopia and the Launch of Its Metaverse Skyscraper

A Look into Bloktopia and the Launch of Its Metaverse Skyscraper

Precious metals such as gold and silver are viewed as timeless resources. Gold can protect wealth and bring security to your assets. Some people have become aware of fiat currency and the threat of an impending monetary collapse. As such,  precious metals continue to bear fruit while inflation continues to grow uncontrollably. But now, new forms have arisen as an alternative or even an accompaniment to gold, with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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